shutterstock_220555189When I mention happy hips what comes to mind?  The big secret to more power is just that! When it comes to golf fitness and power in your golf game one simply cannot ignore the hips and be successful.  Through my experience that is the biggest trouble spot for most people with their golf game.  Particularly here in NYC the hips can be an issue in peoples’ golf game due to excessive sitting.  The hips are an integral part of the golf swing and moving them properly for most people is a challenge.  Today we’ll take a look at the hips and their role in the swing and discover how we can get them moving better to give you more distance and control.

Before we dive into the importance of the hips let’s first define what it is.  The hip as an entity consists of the pelvis and the thigh bone of the femur.  Below is a great animated tutorial of hip anatomy and function you may find useful.

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